Southern Point (SA)

If you visit Cape Town, you MUST side aside an entire day to go to the Cape of Good Hope. Besides the rich history surrounding the Cape, the scenery it unbelievable. On the way down or back make sure you take Chapman’s Peak Drive which is unlike any road you’ve ever been on. Also, make sure you stop in Simons Town to check out the penguins.

Beach by Cape of Good Hope Sign

The part where the lighthouse for the Cape of Good Hope if huge. There are several beaches to visit and cliffs to hike.

These pictures are from a few of the beaches and a  hike up the cliff near the famous sign.

Lighthouse area

Most of the action at this famous park is near the lighthouse. There is big one at the top of a long flight of stairs and a small one at the end of the peninsula.  The views are spectacular and our pictures from a bunch of amateurs aren’t bad.

Boulder Beach (penguin beach)

If you are going to the Cape of Good Hope, a few miles before you get to the park is a Simons Town.

There you can find Boulder Beach which is famous for it’s penguin park.