We could pontificate in this introductory paragraph about how unique an experience it is when going on safari, but our words would not do it justice. When you go (and it has to be near or at the top of your bucket list), you will be in awe of the animals you will see.


They are certainly the king of the jungle. When you go on safari in the morning or afternoon, your guide will ask you what you want to look for. The guides are not always 100% but they can usually hone in on what you are looking for.

Lions are lazy and  don’t see humans as threats (so you can get quite close to them in the open Range Rover you are driving around the park in).

Elephants and Giraffes

It’s truly amazing how close the elephants will come to the Range Rover. The guides warn you to keep still, but they will literally walk right next to and around you. They are massive but are not the easiest to find.

As for giraffes, they may not be the most exciting animals on safari, but they are elegant and beautiful to watch.

Cheetahs and Leopards

Leopards are difficult to find. When you find them there is a mini-celebration in your group.

Cheetahs are a hoot. They could care less about humans and have no problem letting you walk around with them. It’s not that you can pet them, but they are quite friendly.

Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalo

While Rhinos look dangerous and imposing, it’s the buffalo that is the most dangerous on the preserve.

Both are sometimes difficult to find but when you find them you are in for a real treat.

Cool Pictures from the Lodges

We stayed in two different lodges. One middle of the road when it came to price and the other a bit higher end. The reserve we stayed at wasn’t five-star but it was run by great people and we’d go back in a heartbeat.

During one stay we literally had a heard of elephants walk across the river the was next to our room.

Miscellaneous Pictures

There are literally hundreds of other pictures we could put on this website to show you how unique our trip to Hoedspruit was.

So, in this area we’ve just listed some of the best of the rest that we thought web-surfers would find interesting.